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Your life. Your business. Your way.
If you are an independent representative with a book of business who is tired of being told you are an independent and then being treated like an employee, Southeast Investments may be the place for you.

Southeast Investments management consists of real brokers handling real accounts of their own and know the frustrations you commonly experience at other broker-dealers. We allow you to build a business for you and your family while offering a full array of products through our clearing firm, COR Clearing, with no pressure to sell any particular product.

What makes us different than other broker-dealers?

  • Southeast does not have any fees of any kind going to Southeast Investments – no monthly fees, no add-on fees, no requirement to take E&O through Southeast, no fees of any kind…
  • Excellent payout. No funny money deductions of any kind. The payout we agree on is the payout you receive, minus the COR Clearing clearing charges, in the case of transactions through our clearing firm, COR Clearing.
  • Instant access to senior management – to speak to the founder of Southeast Investments simply call the main number. We have no voicemail. When you need an answer you typically get it while on the phone with a follow up e-mail recapping the conversation. No delays in obtaining approval of newsletters, seminars, or questions in general. The idea is to provide an answer and allow you to go back to work.
  • Access to a vast array of products and services through our clearing firm, COR Clearing, along with direct agreements with selected vendors. Southeast Investments has no proprietary products and no preferred providers. We do not push product at you. You have the freedom to decide what is appropriate for your client as long as it follows the following guidelines;
    1) It is honest and legal.
    2) It is good for the client.
    3) It is good for you.
    4) It is good for Southeast.
    Client comes first, rep second, and Southeast last, in that order.
  • No quotas or pressure other than, yes you are expected to do some business. You will not get phone calls pressuring you. You are responsible for your success.

If you are interested in joining Southeast, please fill out the form below to be contacted by our CEO.